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Project Management

  • Feasibility Studies - Assessing project viability through in-depth investigations and analysis.
  • Market Studies - Researching market trends, competition, and opportunities for projects.
  • Scope of Work - Defining project tasks, objectives, and deliverables clearly.
  • Contract Editing - Modifying and drafting contracts to ensure legal compliance.
  • Periodical Reports - Regularly generated documents summarizing project progress and status.
  • Market Assessment - Evaluating market conditions and potential for a project.
  • Conceptual Studies - Exploring project ideas and concepts in a preliminary manner.
  • Project Supervision - Overseeing project execution to ensure compliance with objectives.

    Merger & Acquisition

    • Best of Use Studies - Analyzing optimal resource utilization and allocation.
    • Statistics & Analysis - Examining data for informed decision-making in mergers.
    • Research & Development - Investigating potential advancements and innovations for mergers.
    • Surveys - Gathering information from stakeholders and target companies.
    • Strategic Management - Planning for long-term success and competitive advantage.
    • Business Development - Expanding operations and opportunities for merged entities.
    • Operations Management - Efficiently managing processes within merged organizations.
    • Industrial Engineering - Optimizing systems and processes for greater productivity.
    • Organizational Development - Enhancing structures and culture for merged companies.

      Disputes & Claims

      • Litigation Support - Providing assistance in legal proceedings and court cases.
      • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - Resolving conflicts outside of court.
      • Contractual Dispute Resolution - Settling disputes arising from contractual agreements.
      • Claims Management - Handling and processing claims efficiently and effectively.
      • Regulatory Compliance - Ensuring adherence to applicable laws and regulations.
      • Intellectual Property Disputes - Addressing conflicts related to patents, copyrights, etc.
      • Labor and Employment Disputes - Resolving conflicts involving workers' rights.
      • Consumer Disputes - Managing conflicts with customers or clients effectively.